Mistakes to avoid during addiction recovery

Addiction recovery is a challenging phase. It is not easy trying to switch habits, especially one that has always boosted your brain’s reward system. If you have been addicted for a long time and you enroll for addiction recovery, there is this part of you that wants to relapse.

Getting the right help during addiction recovery helps you keep those addictive habits at bay. However, there are some responsibilities that you have to fulfill yourself.

The only way addictive habits will return is when some mistakes are made. Here are some of them that you should avoid.

  • Trying to over commit

When you are in addiction recovery, you don’t need to rush the process. Addiction recovery requires that you take each step gradually so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Avoid taking on too much commitment for your recovery to be smooth.

Remember that addiction recovery is a marathon and not a sprint. So, take enough time to adjust and fit in.

  • Hanging out with friends who are not sober

In addiction recovery, you need to be careful with people you hang out with. At this point, you need people who will contribute to your sobriety and not those who will reduce your chances. If your friends abuse substances, you should keep your distance and communicate at arm’s length.

When you hang around people who are heavy addicts, you will feel left out and compelled to join.

  • Expecting much from your loved ones

During addiction, the relationship between an addict and their families is usually strained. Neither party understands each other and they are always at loggerheads.

When the addict begins to get sober, they should not expect much from their loved ones. Rather, they should be patient in rebuilding the relationship.

  • Thinking you can help yourself

When you begin to get better in addiction recovery, don’t think that you can do it yourself. You still need the health professionals and therapists around to provide the necessary support that establishes your sobriety.

Four lifestyle habits that prevent addiction

Anyone who knows what addiction entails will prefer to avoid it totally, instead of going through the challenging process of getting sober. Some people don’t know that our lifestyle habits can be responsible for inducing addiction.

When you live healthily, it would be difficult for the addiction to spring up because you have checked the boxes.  

Here are some lifestyle habits that keep addiction at bay:

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs are substances and they are the top two types of addiction in the world. Anyone who starts taking these substances develops dependence, which later leads to substance addiction. Hence, to avoid addiction, stay away from alcohol and drugs.

If you have friends or acquaintances who take them, it is best to change your circle or keep your distance to avoid getting roped into using them.

  • Get enough sleep

Many people are unaware that getting enough sleep can improve health in several ways. It is advised that every individual sleeps for an average of seven to eight hours each day. If you are having a bad mood, it is best to sleep instead of relying on substances that can trigger addiction.

With enough sleep, you can set your day in motion, increase your energy levels and mood, and boost your self-esteem.

  • Get physically active

There are times when you might feel drained or less motivated even if you didn’t do something tedious. If this happens regularly, it means you are not exercising. With frequent physical exercise, you can reduce tension and stress.

Also, it would be easy for you to handle other physical activities without relying on substances for extra support.

  • Maintain a healthy diet

Eating a nutritious diet is one of the primary keys to living healthily which helps you prevent addiction. For optimum energy and a great lifestyle that prevents illnesses, a healthy diet is important. If you don’t know how to go about this, you can always contact a dietician to create a healthy diet timetable for you.